Friends call me Squidge.

Sup! If you're reading this, then it appears you've entered my dreamland. I'm not home right now, but feel free to have a look around.

→ If the experience is too frightful, you can always wake up and hopefully I'll be available next time to escort you properly.

→ If this is your first time in the Dreamtime and you're not a child of Odil-edali. Consider yourself lucky! And also try not to die here. That's all for now, see ya'!


06/07/21 Got everything to my liking on the main page and made the 404 page even more of a simian retreat.

06/03/21 Header updated and more bugs squashed!

05/25/21 Site Layout built! Bugs worked out.

05/24/21 Added Showcase and Playlist

05/23/21 Added Info and News!

05/22/21 Site Layout Started

05/21/21 404 Page is Banana slamming.

05/18/21 Site Created!